An Overview of the Spartan Fortunes

Welcome to Sparta! This is the famous quote from the film 300, which depicted the retelling of the most famous battle in Spartan history. And so goes the war cry from the anonymous hoplite that sets off Blueprint Gaming’s slot Fortunes of Sparta. It’s not at all like the sleek presentation of their recent Megaways spectaculars. On the other hand, Fortunes of Sparta takes a more traditional approach to gaming with a historical backdrop, much like Napoleon and Revolution: Patriots Fortune.

Oddly enough, the first slot that came to mind was the WMS slot Plataea, which is based on the same theme of swords and sandals but with a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic. Fortunes of Sparta doesn’t have a lot going on graphically, and the only background we get is a stone wall, but the graphics that are present are of a very high standard.

The on-screen combatants, including their equipment, have been meticulously detailed down to every striation and ab muscle. The game’s sound design is also noteworthy, adding to the experience. In addition to the cutting and slamming elements, there is a choral piece that floats away, giving the whole thing more depth.

The gaming area is situated between two Greek columns and features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines; the minimum bet is 25 pence and the maximum is $/€125. To win prizes, players must line up at least three identical symbols, starting with the first reel, along a single active payline.

The symbols we use to protect Sparta are the 7 unique regular pay symbols that may be viewed by peeping at the paytable. Jugs, swords, and shields are at the bottom of the list. Three figures in warrior garb and one in a white gown serve as supporting evidence.

Among the standard symbols, the warrior with the stabbing spear is the most lucrative, paying twenty times the wager for a line of five. However, it is the wild variety that you seek. Five of these winning symbols are worth an incredible 4,000 times the initial wager, and they can also substitute for any symbol except the scatter.

Another generous figure is Fortune of Sparta’s RTP, which at 97.04% is comfortably on the plus side of average. Due to the nature of the game’s features, sessions can sometimes be won or lost in a single swing. There were several discouraging stretches in the testing, with waves of dead to barely alive spins. Then something huge would occur, and everything would look normal again.

The Spartan Fortunes: Key

Spartan in appearance and usability due to a lack of bells and whistles. However, when riled up, they exhibit behavior similar to that of the Spartans. When the Spartan Streak symbol lands on the middle reel and produces a winning combination with any ordinary symbol in the base game, the Spartan Streak feature is activated.

When activated, it grows in size and becomes a sticky stacked wild. In addition, any additional winning symbols that appear while the other reels respin are held in place while the winning symbols are locked in place. Until no new winning symbols appear or the reels get stacked, the reels will continue to respin.

Watch for the blazing Omega scatter, since it triggers the Spartan Spins when it appears on the reels three times and stays put while the other locations respin. This process repeats itself while fresh scatter symbols are added to the grid, or until no more scatters may appear. The resulting 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-9, or 10+ scatters award 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 50, or up to 100 Spartan Spins correspondingly.

Spartan Spins are greatly sought for not only because of their potential abundance but also because of the special abilities they contain. The first is a Spartan Streak wild on the middle reel, which not only increases the hit rate but also activates Spartan Streaks whenever a winning spin occurs.

Verdict on the Spartan Fortunes

It turns out that Fortunes of Sparta is a re-release of an older game called Legend of Sparta, and if you’re in the mood for some classic gaming, it’s not awful. It’s mostly just standard spins in the base game, but the bonus round might be anything. When everything falls into place, it makes up for the tedious moments of “death by a thousand cuts” that occur throughout the course of the main game. The appealing images and immersive audio make the time spent waiting for the bonus game more bearable than it otherwise would have been.

The maximum win each game is $250,000 or 10,000 times the stake, as is the case with many other Blueprint games. The huge amount of free spins is a great bonus, and a full grid of the premium symbol is worth a thousand times the wager. However, the nature of the game is such that one can never be certain of anything. Some of the additional games were enjoyable, but others were about as fun as running into a shield wall and receiving a dory thrust to the face from a Spartan. That’s just how the dice roll sometimes.

There have been other works with a similar premise, and some of the aspects aren’t really novel, but this one is still a winner. Fortunes of Sparta is an easy-to-use slot machine that looks better than average, has a high return-to-player percentage (RTP), and a great bonus game. Fortunes of Sparta is like Revolution: Patriots Fortune’s older brother, Napoleon.






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