A KOGI Story the Offspring of the Following Years

The story you are going to peruse is valid, yet it is likewise strange. To such an extent that on the off chance that you don’t have a receptive outlook, it will appear to be incomprehensible. Also, on the off chance that you don’t have an open heart, it won’t be seen so the significance can be lived.

Throughout recent years I have been to the Yucatan a few times working with the Mayan shaman Henbits Men. He has been playing out the services of the old Mayan ministers in current times to get and balance out the new energies of our sun, energies that have until recently never gone into the Earth and modifying the manner in which we see life. His work is vital to the unfoldment of the new world on the planet, and to the birthing of our new cognizance.

A couple of months prior a man named Ellis, who used to work intimately with Henbits Men came to me and started to recount to me this story. He expressed that in Columbia there was a native clan somewhere down in the Amazon wilderness called the Koi. They had no language and “talked” just clairvoyantly to one another. In truth they uttered little sounds, however these sounds were not coherently organized into any example like a letters in order. They were simply sounds, however these sounds came from the heart not the psyche and made pictures inside your head, and you could “see” what the other individual was conveying. Ellis said that they had the option to “travel” out of body plainly and knew all that was going on around the world, however they had never genuinely left their country. They had never at any point attempted to speak with the rest of the world, but to an exceptionally lucky few.

The Koi don’t see us as resting as a significant number of the Hindu and Oriental religions see us

The Koi see us as “dead”. We are not alive, yet just shadows of the energy we could be. We need more life force energy and cognizance to be characterized by them as genuine individuals. What’s more, the Koi accepted that with the utilization of their mystic capacities, they could see the future obviously. Furthermore, what they saw was like what numerous different clans all over the planet saw, a world that was going to be obliterated by the abuse of cognizance. So at some point prior they went over the entire world in their light bodies looking for anybody who is alive. Also, in the entire world they could find just a single other clan who were Mayan that lived far in the wildernesses of Guatemala. They were so glad to find another person who was alive.

Yet, the Koi conviction, their prediction, was that with the approaching of the Overshadowing on August eleventh, all the world would stop and just the Koi and this another Mayan clan would get by to occupy the Earth. To this end they were so glad to find another person other than themselves who comprehended.

Then when the shroud gradually uncovered its face on the eleventh of August, it became evident to the Koi that something had occurred since the time they had scanned the world forever. Something that they couldn’t comprehend for the “extraordinary change” had occurred, and we, the “dead” ones were still here. We ought to have broken up once again into the Fantasy. Not that they needed us to, that was not their tendency. It would be ideal for it basically to have worked out. So the Koi set off to figure out why the “dead ones” were still on the planet, and as they looked through the residing vibrating records of this Reality, they found precisely where and why it had worked out. A portion of the “dead ones” had become alive, and had made a fantasy with sufficient life power to “save the world” as far as we might be concerned. In our terms, a few of us had made an “equal world” where life could keep on growing, a reality where the “dead” could become alive. The Koi were so well defined for find precisely who these individuals were that were making this change that had modified the world’s fate.

The Koi saw these individuals with living collections of light around them. Individuals who had enacted their “Light Bodies” or in the antiquated terms, their “Mar-Ki-Ba”. Since I was one of the educators of this data, the Koi sent a courier to Ellis and from Ellis to me. They sent me a modest quantity of tobacco enveloped by a radiant red piece of cotton, and basically said “Much obliged”.

Two or after three months the Koi sent Ellis one more gift to provide for me with a message

The gift was a little wad of dull and tacky tree sap about the size of a plum. It possessed an aroma like the wilderness. There was an energy around this endowment of sap that I could feel somewhere inside me. I felt the association in my heart. The message was that they planned to send somebody to me to show me how to express without words so we could impart. They then say that once association and correspondence had occurred, they would ask that I go into the Colombian wilderness and visit their clan. Furthermore, that if I could visit their reality, they would visit mine. They would then be ready to emerge from the wilderness, without precedent for the historical backdrop of their clan, and go on world TV, no less, and converse with us. Makes no difference either way “talk” signifies, since they have no language that we know, I don’t know. Furthermore, what it is that they need to say, I likewise don’t have the foggiest idea. In any case, through this little piece of tree sap, I’m starting to feel.






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